In the current digital landscape, robotics is an essential technology, driving efficiency, precision, and innovation across diverse sectors. Robots are automated systems capable of perceiving, deciding, and acting; they are revolutionizing industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare.

A suite of pivotal technologies underpins this transformative impact. Motor control ensures seamless and precise robotic operation, while functional safety guarantees secure human-robot interaction in shared workspaces. Advanced sensing technologies enhance environmental awareness, facilitating safer and more adaptive robotic behaviour. Real-time communication capabilities enable swift decision-making, and system-level design streamlines integration for rapid deployment.

We offer an array of essential components for robotic solutions, reference designs, and development platforms, enabling engineers to build and test cutting-edge robotics systems. Leverage motor control, advanced sensing, communication protocols, and efficient data management to drive innovation and explore the boundaries of possibility in your industrial settings. Experience the future of industrial automation today.

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  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

    AMRs are smart robots that can move on their own, avoid obstacles, and complete tasks efficiently in various industries, including logistics and manufacturing

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

    AGVs, unlike autonomous mobile robots, follow designated pathways or use an optical guidance system. Industrial and warehouse staff use it to execute tasks without human intervention.

  • Industrial Robots

    These robots with robotic arms are used in manufacturing to automate welding and packing processes, increasing efficiency and product quality while reducing expenses.

  • Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

    Cobots work alongside humans in various industries like manufacturing and healthcare, ensuring safety and productivity with advanced sensing and control systems.

  • Remote Surgical Robots

    Robots enable surgeons to operate from a distance using remote tools and real-time images. They consist of a master console and a slave robot for precise.

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