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Kabeltülle für Rundsteckverbinder, Baureihe Sure-Seal, SURE-SEAL Series Circular Connectors

SURE SEAL 317-8657-000

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Baureihe Sure-Seal
SURE-SEAL Series Circular Connectors
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The Sure-Seal series 1-piece resilient body and rugged multiple moisture seals make Sure-Seal® Connector a natural for applications where outside contaminants must be excluded. Sure-Seal® is reliable and uncomplicated. Only two parts are required to complete a connector, the connector body and the contacts. The Sure-Seal® has been successfully used in a broad range of environmental applications where a small connector is needed. This sealed connector meets or exceeds DOT requirements for shock, vibration, temperature cycling, salt water spray and immersion, petroleum derivatives, industrial gas, all the while insuring low milli-volt drop and low contact resistance. Sealing integrity is maintained with exposure to brake fluid, gasoline, diesel fuel, anti-freeze, ultraviolet, ozone and steam.
  • Not just splash-proof, but truly submersible for short periods of time
  • Resistant to automotive/industrial environments
  • Wide range of wire gauges and current carrying capability
  • Use of removable crimp contacts allows Sure-Seal® connections to changed/modified if necessary
  • Polarized against mis-mates
  • Three Sure-Seal® versions


Industrie, Fahrzeugelektronik, Logistik